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A collection of potential new and throwback uniforms for the Florida Gators

What if the Florida Gators brought back the old number font? What if they wore throwback helmet decals? The long history and unique mascot of the Florida Gators presents a wide range of opportunities to stand out on the field with new uniforms. Take a look below at some of the best concept uniforms for Florida:

Black uniforms

Aug. 7, 2023: Long asked-for by Gator Nation, black uniforms are sure to be a hit. The football team is the only sport on campus to not have a black uniform so, in many ways, it only makes sense. This concept envisions what could be after the retail jersey leak and brings to life the master stripe throughout the whole uniform + a blue script Gators on the helmet.

EDIT: As of Aug. 15, 2023, this concept has become reality as the Gators revealed black uniforms embodying the same look.

1969 Throwback Interlocking UF Logo Helmet

A fan favorite from the 2019 season, Florida’s 1960’s throwback uniforms open up a world of possibility with various throwback uniforms. This 1969 throwback logo helmet concept features the interlocking UF logo and the traditional B/W/B stripe.

1969 Florida Gators

With the orange script helmet already on hand, it would be easy to re-decal and create a memorable throwback.

EDIT: As of 2021, this concept has become reality (albeit without the center stripe)

via @GatorsFB

1964 Throwback Blue Circle F Helmet

What could be better than combining on of the biggest asks of Gator nation (a blue helmet) with the fan favorite throwbacks? Leading up to the 2019 Auburn game, there was heavy speculation and signs towards Florida breaking out blue helmets for the first time since 1965. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case but this concept shows what the blue helmet could have looked like.

EDIT: As of October 2020, this concept has been brought to life when the Gators unveiled their 2020 throwback uniforms for their game against Missouri.

1964 vs FSU

White Helmet Master Stripe

Florida established a master stripe for their football uniforms in 1998 in the form of orange/blue/white/blue/orange. Consistent on every piece of of the uniform from helmet to pants (except the orange uniform, which we will get too later), the stripe provides brand consistency and a uniform look. However, the introduction of the modern white helmet in 2015 broke this master stripe, instead opting for a modern, tapered stripe. This concept applies the master stripe to the white helmet to maintain consistency across the uniform.

EDIT: As of November 2020, this concept is now reality as the Gators revealed the new master stripe white helmet for their game against Vanderbilt, and for the future.

Full view of the white helmet master stripe concept
The current white helmet without the master stripe

Return of the Block Numbers

Hands down the biggest ask of Gators fans is to bring back the old number font of the Tebow era. In 2013, the Gators updated their number font to create a unique brand and establish consistency across all of their athletic programs. Since then, the new font has irked fans, saying it isn’t what we should look like. This concept combines Florida’s current Jordan uniforms with a return to the block number font.

1968 Interlocking UF Helmet

Another easy way to introduce a new twist on the current throwback uniforms; replacing the circle F decal with an interlocking UF decal. Only worn on white helmets for 1 season (1968) the interlocking UF decal was a staple in Florida athletics in the late 60’s and 70's.

Florida vs Florida State, 1968

1961 Orange Throwback Jerseys

With the popularity of throwback uniforms skyrocketing in college football, adding an orange throwback to the mix of Florida Gators uniforms would be welcomed. This concept is based on the orange main and alternate jerseys of the early 1960s worn by Gator Greats Larry and Larry Libertore.

Fixed Orange Uniforms

Jan. 26, 2022: As mentioned previously, Florida has mastered the use of the master stripe since 1998 on every piece of their uniforms EXCEPT the orange uniforms. The re-introduction of the orange jersey in 2010 broke the consistency of the master stripe. While the pants were still consistent, those too fell victim and broke consistency in 2017. These concepts fixes the orange jerseys to have complete consistency across the whole uniform.

EDIT: As of July 27, 2023, the stripe on the orange pants has been fixed. No official confirmation on whether the orange jerseys have been fixed.

via @GatorsEquipment/X

Various Throwback Uniform Concepts

Florida has a long history of gorgeous home uniforms. These throwback concepts pull some of the best looks of the past to life.

Home Throwbacks
Away throwbacks

Away version concepts of throwback uniforms. Click here to view the inspiration behind the concepts.

Florida Basketball City Edition


Near everyday rain in the summer combined with unexpected weather year-round truly embodies the nickname “Rainesville” for Gainesville, FL. On the court, historic 3-point performances from Lee Humphrey and Michael Frazier II carry on the nickname. The jersey takes inspiration from rain drops to create a clean, modern look.

House of Horrors

In 1999, ESPN Magazine dubbed the Stephen C. O’Connell Center the “House of Horrors”, a tribute to the “scariest place to play in the country.” Elements from the jerseys of Florida’s best teams in the 1990’s come together to create an intimidating throwback embodying the bold tradition of Florida basketball.

Fingers crossed that these concepts become reality in the near future (UPDATE: As of 2021, white master stripe helmets and blue throwback helmets have become a reality). For the latest news and history on Florida Gators uniforms, follow @GatorsUnis on Twitter or visit our site GatorsUniforms.com

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