Gators reveal all white uniforms, new helmets in win over Vanderbilt

A look at the new white helmets and uniform recap from the Vandy game

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finally happened. After 4 years of a tapered stripe on the Florida Gators’ white helmet, the classic master stripe takes its place. Florida revealed their all-white uniform combination on Friday afternoon for their game against Vanderbilt, a uniform fans have been calling to see since it last hit the field in Georgia 2018. The uniform remained the same, except for the helmet, which changed stripes to match the rest of the uniform. It was the first time the icy white combination had been worn against Vanderbilt, and only the 4th time since 2009 (Bama 2009, Tennessee 2016, Georgia 2018). Florida started slow but cruised to a 38–17 victory, their first in the all-white uniforms. Here’s a full breakdown of the new helmet along with a uniform recap:

1. New white helmets: master stripe instead of tapered

In 2015, Florida introduced white helmets prior to their game against Vanderbilt as a permanent helmet option for the first time since 1968. The helmet featured script Gators on one side, slant F on the other, and a tapered stripe of O/B/O down the middle (click here for a look at white helmets through the years for Florida). Now, 5 years later, the Gators have changed the white helmet stripe to match the jersey and pants, a stripe pattern referred to as the “master stripe.”

The new white helmets in action against Vanderbilt

The stripe has a metallic finish, consistent with the shiny metallic finish on the Gators script.

Comparison of the old stripe (on left) vs new stripe (on right)

The master stripe has been synonymous with the Gators since it was introduced in 1998 when Florida switched uniform suppliers from Starter to Reebok. This master stripe came in the form of the pattern orange/blue/white/blue/orange and was consistent across EVERY uniform piece from jersey, pants, and the orange helmet.

However, when the white helmets came back in 2015, this broke the stripe consistency:

The all-white uniform clashed with the all white helmets. LSU has mastered their white helmets with their master stripe

Calls for the master stripe being applied have been far and wide, with the orange uniforms the biggest culprit. This mockup in April showed what the white helmet with a master stripe would look like. Now, its reality.

@GatorsUnis mockup in April 2019

So, what’s the story behind the new white helmets?

If you look very closely at the reveal images, you will notice the new stripe is actually photoshopped. That’s because the new stripe decals weren’t on hand yet, and being shipped directly to Nashville to be prepared on location.

The master stripe on the white helmets on all its glory (Image via @GatorsFB)

The consistent striping across the whole uniform sure made a BEAUTIFUL uniform:

Also, can we take a second to appreciate the awesome 5am uniform reveal photos? Shoutout to the creative department. And shoutout to Gators Equipment, who not only made the right move by changing the stripe, but quickly decaled the helmets on site in Nashville on a tight timeline.

The result was a beautiful helmet.

2. Kyle Trask forgoes QB wristband

For the first time in Kyle Trask’s career, the Florida QB opted not to wear a quarterback playsheet wristband. Instead he opted for 2 sweatbands on this wrist.

Trask usually color-coordinates his wristband, wearing orange, blue, and white this season.

Trask vs Ole Miss with an orange wristband

Mastery of the offense? Sure looks like it from his Heisman worthy performances.

3. New warmup shirts

Florida once again wore a different black warm up shirts that showed support for ongoing and racial and social justice discussions in the United States, a trend happening in every game this season. This week, they sported black shirts with the script Gators logo above “EDUCATE” and the player’s number underneath and on the back.

Accessories recap

  • White gloves were the standard glove of choice
  • Trevon Grimes wore black cleats
  • Dameon Pierce was one of the few outliers and wore blue gloves with black cleats
  • Marco Wilson and Shawn Davis rocked their double arm sleeves
  • Andrew Chatfield wore long sleeves, a first this season

Other uniform tidbits:

  • HC Dan Mullen wore a blue visor and blue polo, making his record 4–1 and 3–1 respectively

Florida faces Kentucky this week back at home. Florida is scheduled to wear blue jerseys for the game however many fans think the orange jerseys should be worn against Kentucky. Stay tuned for the full uniform reveal.

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