GUT Check: Florida vs Missouri

1. Blue helmets return for first time since 1965

Florida shook Gator nation on Monday morning by revealing blue helmets and fulfilling the wish of many fans. The blue helmet is actually a “fauxback” as it combines elements from multiple eras of Gators football. Here’s the full breakdown in case you missed it during the reveal:

Matte helmet and decals (via Jordan Herald)
  • Gray facemask: the standard facemask color up until 1976
  • Blue Jordan logo visor accents: These were the first blue visor accents in school history AND the first time the Jumpman logo has been featured on both sides. Usually, it is Jordan logo on one side and the word “Jordan” on the other.
Via Jordan Herald

2. Circle F at the 25yd line of the field

The Gators also debuted the Circle F logo on the 25yd line, replacing the Slant F.

Florida’s field in 2011
Florida’s field in 2012

3. Love over Hate warm-up shirts

For the 4th consecutive game, the Gators took the field in warm-up shirts that showed support for ongoing racial and social discussions in the United States. This week, they sported black shirts with the Circle F logo above “LOVE OVER HATE” and the player’s number underneath.

Accessories recap

  • Circle F towels returned but still featured a Blue F and not orange like the helmet. Also, check out Toney’s Joker mouthpiece (they match his thigh pads)
Via Jordan Herald



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