GUT Check: Florida vs Arkansas


1. Gators break out orange jerseys for first time this season

A staple for the Gators in the 1980s, the orange jerseys once again made their appearance on Saturday night. The announcement sparked much discussion as the orange jerseys are in a love/hate relationship with fans. However, as state previously, the Gators are now 7–1 in the combination since 2010, making it the most successful combination for Florida.

2. American Flag Gatorhead towels return

The American Flag Gatorhead towels returned for the first time since Vanderbilt 2019. It was part of the Gators “Salute to Service” night where Veterans and active duty service members were honored.

3. Orange accessories under the lights

For the first time this season, the whole team was coordinate with their sleeves and accessories. The team wore orange arm and leg sleeves which really made the combination pop:

Accessories recap

  • The glove of choice for the whole team was white gloves. This was the first time all season the whole team was coordinated with gloves



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