Black uniforms not in the cards for Gators in 2020

Stricklin confirms no black uniforms will be worn by Florida this season

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A concept black uniform by Ryan Lane added fuel to the fire for fans’ desire for black uniforms


This officially kills the black uniform hype for the 2020 season and, more than likely, for the foreseeable future.

EDIT: On November 23, 2020, WR Jacob Copeland stated “Florida is wearing all blacks next year” on an Instagram live with Elite College Football.

The moment Mullen was hired, it was clear he understood the important relationships between uniforms and players, nothing “We’ll be doing some cool stuff for the guys, because that’s what they like to do. That’s what it’s about.” It was often noted that the 2017 Swamp Green uniforms were the favorite among recruits during campus visits.

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Mullen even allowed his first recruiting class to wear the 2017 Swamp Green uniforms during their visit, once again proving he can appeal to recruits

Black uniforms make sense for the Gators. But it remains to be seen whether they make sense for football. Nearly every sport at Florida, including major sports such as basketball and baseball, have a black alternate uniform. Not to mention, its deep history in Florida Gators basketball. Fans have been 50/50 split on the issue, with many pointing towards the other sports while others begging not to stray from a traditional look.

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Florida Baseball’s 2019 black uniforms (via @GatorsBB)

The black uniform hype started brewing long before Mullen took over, with his comments sending it over the top. First, it was these alternate shirts that hit shelves in 2015, leading many to believe black uniforms were in store for the Gators and other major P5 teams. Then, it was the mysterious helmet tease prior to homecoming of the 2015 season that sparked discussion.

Mullen officially spiked the rumors during a mid-season press conference after the victory over Auburn in 2019. In response to a question about the throwback uniforms and how players responded, Mullen answered “I’m not against…roll out a black jersey someday..” but also adding “oh I had to get everyone stirred up on the black jersey.” At the time, his unprompted response bringing up black uniforms made it seem like a guarantee.

Then, prior to the 2019 LSU game, @GatorsEquipment posted a video on Twitter apparently teasing black uniforms for the upcoming game in Death Valley. Fans were ecstatic that black uniforms were finally happening. Articles were written. Fans ordered jerseys from DH Gate. Everyone was all in.

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But, it was clear from the get go the fabric was just a jacket, not actual black uniforms. It was a troll by the equipment staff.

Scott Stricklin finally put the rumors to rest with his comments on the Gator Nation Football Podcast. Unlike reports that black jerseys were already in stock prior to the 2019 season, Stricklin confirmed they have never had black uniforms nor have they ever been ordered. As long as Stricklin is at the helm, the chances of seeing black uniforms are slim to none.

There you have it. The black uniform train has come to full on stop. You won’t be seeing the Florida Gators in black uniforms anytime soon, and perhaps, ever. While Stricklin may not be on board with black uniforms, he is with throwback uniforms. EDIT: On November 23, 2020, WR Jacob Copeland stated “Florida is wearing all blacks next year” on an Instagram live with Elite College Football. So, buckle up as the Gators enter an exciting 2020 season on the field, and in the equipment room.

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